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CJ1 Leponitt Grozing Pliers - Pricing
Non-slip spring loaded handles designed for accurate grozing.
21224 Fan Out Grozing Pliers - Pricing
159mm long spring loaded with good lip design. Good for accurate grozing in tight corners.
RP1 Leponitt Metal
Running Pliers -
Quality tool manufactured for superior results and ease of use. The running pliers have non-slip handles and plastic coated jaw ends that do not scratch the glass. The screw adjustment ensures proper jaw settings when running the score line.
R/RP1 Replacement
Cushion Tips -
for metal running pliers. Sold in pairs
RP3 Running Pliers - Pricing
Light weight plastic, economy running pliers. The jaws exert even pressure to start and run the glass cutter score line.
2213 Glass Snappers - Pricing
The jaws exert even pressure to start and run a break on both sides of the score line. Trigger action makes them easy to use. 13mm jaw.
RP4 Leponitt Heavy Duty Metal Running Pliers - Pricing
Heavy Duty Pliers for running a score on 4-19mm glass. Non-slip handles, jaw ends are not plastic coated.


LP7 Leponitt Super Lead Dyke Pricing
Non-Slip spring loaded handles ensuring clean cuts to lead came.
21225 Fanout Lead Dyke Pricing
159mm long high quality lead dyke with spring loaded handles that reduce the chance of distorting and crushing the lead came during cutting.
LK2 Leponitt Fan Knife Pricing
Craftsman's hand cannot slip onto the blade. Features a comfortable handle, stainless steel blade.
2460 Circular Polish Brush Pricing
165mm Circular Polish Brush fits most electric drills. For use in a final polish of leadlight panels.


2452 Flux Brush Pricing
Suitable for application of flux to solder joints and application of patina after soldering.
2453 Wire Brush Pricing
200mm long wooden handle. Stainless steel wire bristles. Used for cleaning lead came joints prior to soldering.
2454 Nylong Scrub Brush Pricing
105mm x 40mm. Nylon bristles with hardwood handle. Used for initial scrub and clean of leadight panels.
2456 Tampico Polish Brush Pricing
160 x 50mm white Tampico bristles with hardwood handle. Used for final clean and polish of leadlight panels.
SPG80D Weller 80 Watt
Soldering Iron
with 6mm plated soldering tip designed for stained glass hobby work.
W100D Weller 100 Watt Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Pricing
A high quality tool designed for production work with the benefits of controlled output and temperature. Supplied with 700ºF 10mm tip. 800ºF tips are also available.
CT6-E7 6mm 700º Replacement Tip Pricing
CT6-E8 6mm 800º Replacement Tip Pricing
CT6-C7 3mm 700º Replacement Tip Pricing
MTG20 Weller 10mm Replacement Tip Pricing
MTG21 Weller 6mm Replacement Tip Pricing

SP120D Weller 120 Watt
Soldering Iron
Medium duty Soldering Iron 13mm diameter tip.

MTG30 13mm Chisel Tip
Replacement tip for SP120D
SP175D Weller 175 Watt Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Pricing
Heavy Duty Soldering Iron
16mm diameter tip.

MTG40 16mm Chisel Tip
Replacement tip for SP175D
KN100A Knurled Nut Pricing
Replacement Ring for W100D Soldering Tip
5071 Sal Ammoniac Tip
Cleaning Block
Solid brick of Sal Ammoniac. Rub hot soldering iron tip on brick to keep the tip bright and wet. Non abrasive, will not damage tip.
2188 Soldering Iron Stand Pricing
Accepts most Soldering Irons used for Leadlighting and Copper Foiling.