Hartley Williams
Email: info@hartleywilliams.com.au
Hartley Williams, 32 Kremzow Rd, Brendale 4500, Brisbane, Australia - 07 3881 1978

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OVMN102152 - Pricing
102x152mm Mat Notched Centre
Oval Bevel
 OV102152GC - Pricing
102x152mm Glue Chipped
Oval Bevel
  OV102152 - Pricing
102x152mm Clear
Oval Bevel
 OV76126 - Pricing
76x126mm Clear
Oval Bevel
OVF102152 - Pricing
Framed Kit containing two 102x152mm Oval Bevels with chromed frame. Suitable for pressed flowers.
Oval Bevel
  OV51102 - Pricing
51x102mm Clear
Oval Bevel