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WORDEN SYSTEM™ LAMP FORMS are moulded of 30mm thick expanded styrofoam plastic granules. This material is not heat proof but it is heat resistant. You can tack solder and tin the foil wrapped parts securely together on the form, the lamp is then removed and soldering completed off the form. Moulded styrofoam lamp forms provide a near perfect method for assembling and designing Tiffany style lamps.


 - Easy to use
 - Do not flex
 - Cut glass pieces can be pinned to form during assembly
 - Reusable
 - The forms are embossed and numbered to accept glass placement guides (cartoon)



B7 Bell G7 Globe SC7 Cone GF13 Globe
C16 Cone GF16 Globe CF18 Cone  


W10 Wisteria Shape (1/3) G13 Globe Shape (1/3) G16 Globe Shape (1/6) L18 Lotus Shape (1/4)
W18 Wisteria Shape (1/5) G19.5 Globe Shape (1/6) C20" Globe C234 Flat Panel
P20 Hanging Dome (1/6) SC20 Cone Shape (1/6) RC22 Hanging Dome (1/6) B24 Bell Shape (1/6)