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The Paul Wissmach Glass Company commenced in 1904. Situated in Paden City, West Virginia it originally manufactured glass lettering and wired glass. Wissmach Glass manufacturers the largest range of colours, tints and patterns of rolled sheet glass in the world. Sizes available are Full sheet 1080 x 820mm, Half sheet 540 x 820mm, Hobby square 270 x 410mm

Cathedral Glass is a single coloured glass that can have a textured surface. It is available in a large variety of colours and textures.

Opalescent Glass is made with a combination of white and coloured glass. The opacity of the glass is determined by the amount of white used in the manufacture.

Streaky Glass is manufactured by adding colours to a clear glass base. The colour is then mixed with the clear base to provide streaks of colour throughout the sheet. Transparency of streaky glass is determined by the colours used.

Wispy Glass is manufactured using a mixture of opaque white glass and cathedral colour. During production, the white glass is added to the cathedral glass and mixed together giving wispy opalescent glass soft touches of white in each shadow.









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