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Firing Temperatures 565-5860ºC - Pricing
Enamels are vitreous paints and become transparent when fired at low temperatures. They are not as durable as weather resistant colours.

D231176 Amber L349 D232255 Yellow 2865 D24418 Smoke Grey D25822 Chartreuse
D261676 Green V554 D26346 Green D26354 Turquoise Green D273359 Blue 2867
D27778 Blue D29400 Transparent Brown    

Gold Base Transparent Colours - Firing Temperatures 565-5860ºC - Pricing

D21877 Violet 2B151 D211513 Ruby 2776 D22891 Carmine 2777  

Silver Stains - Firing Temperatures 565-586ºC - Pricing
Contains silver nitrate and gamboge gum, available in the range of intensities from pale yellow to orange intense.

1382 Orange 1384 Yellow 1388 Orange Intense D292465 Amber Stain H465

Blendable Bending Colours - Firing Temperatures 626-7040ºC - Pricing
Unique colours because they liquefy before the glass reaches bending stage. Opaque colours remain fluid without running through the glass bending or slumping period. They do not burn out or change colour. May be fired while the glass is flat, colours can be lightened by adding white (cat no. D201581) adding other colours will achieve entirely different colours.

D201581 White D211824 Yellow Red D211827 Blue Red D211831 Maroon
D232782 Green Yellow D232786 Orange Yellow D232792 Gold Yellow D242013 Black
D252174 Green D261935 Chrome Green D261939 Blue Green D273889 Green Blue
D273893 Red Blue D273908 Dark Blue D281097 Orange D293355 Red Brown
D293360 Brown D293363 Buff