Hartley Williams
Email: info@hartleywilliams.com.au
Hartley Williams, 32 Kremzow Rd, Brendale 4500, Brisbane, Australia - Phone:   07 3881 1978

The above image is of the Hartley Williams Showroom at Brendale in Brisbane, Queensland.
Textured decorative glass panels back painted to your choice of colour will add a whole new dimension to your interior design either as splashbacks or wall feature panels.
 5mm Broad Reed painted Purple Pearl  5mm Kasumi painted Black Super Sparkle
 5mm Rain painted Summer Blue  5mm Sparkle painted Purple pearl Super Sparkle
 5mm Tropical painted Red Rock Super Sparkle  5mm Tropical painted Turquoise Green
 5mm Waverley Flemish painted White Super Sparkle  6mm Desert Sand painted Black Sparkle
 6mm Desert Sand painted Light Beige Brown  6mm Desert Sand painted Purple Pearl Super Sparkle
 6mm Desert Sand painted White Super Sparkle  6mm Narrow Reed painted Silver
 7.3mm Quadrato painted Red  7.3mm Quadrato painted Red Super Sparkle