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2740 Diamond Star Grinder - Pricing
Compact economical grinder equipment with 19mm plated diamond head, tool drawer, shock and water resistant switch. 3450 RPM, 1/18 HP motor.
2745 Super Star II Grinder - Pricing
Equipped with 19mm and 6mm diamond grid heads, tool drawer, shock and water resistant switch and straight edge guide. 3450 RPM 1/12 HP motor.
2749 All Star Grinder - Pricing
Large top plate working area equipped with 25mm and 6mm grinding heads. A mini table water pump combination provides a good scratch resistant surface for resting glass when grinding. Motor 1/9 horse power, 3560rpm.


2761 - 19mm Standard Grinding Head -  Pricing
2762 - 19mm Fine Grit Head - Pricing
2762S - 19mm Coarse Grit Head - Pricing
2763 - 25mm Standard Grinding Head - Pricing
2764 - 6mm Standard Grinding Head* - Pricing
2766 - 6mm Fine Grit Head* - Pricing
2767 - 3mm Standard Grinding Head - Pricing
2771 - 3mm Fine Grit Head* - Pricing
2772 - 25mm Fine Grit Head - Pricing
2773 - 25mm Coarse Grit Head Pricing

*NOTE Adaptor head required 2776 - Adaptor Head for 2764, 2766, 2767 & 2771. Pricing


2755 19mm Ripple Head - Pricing
A combination head with a tapered channel for heavily textured glass. Simplifies foiling and fitting this type of glass into lead or zinc came.
2756 Lamp Head - Pricing
This head has 1 flat and 2 angled surfaces - Ideal for flat edge and multi-panel lamp and sculpture projects.
2757 19mm Radius Edger Head - Pricing
A Glastar exclusive, this head combines a flat and radius (rounded) edger. Select this for mosaics or when working with exposed glass edges. Use the fine grit radius head to virtually eliminate chipping on decorative mirror edging.


2777 - Pricing
Replacement Top Plate for Diamond Star or Super Star Grinders.
2778 - Pricing
Replacement Top Plate for All Star Grinder.
2774 - Pricing
Universal Mini Table. Surface for resting glass when using a 6mm grinding head. Fits all Glastar Grinders.
2760 - Pricing
Moulded Acrylic Eye Shield that fits all Glastar Grinders
2765 - Pricing
Glass Eye Shield Support. Framework fixture that fits all Glastar Grinder Top Plates. A sheet of clear glass is cut and fitted by the user.
2760 - Pricing
Glastar Combination Edge Set. Snap on placement on Glastar work surface to assist straight line and shaped edging.
2741 - Pricing
Glastar Straight Edge Guide fits all Glastar Top Plates, assists with straight line edging.


2407 Glaster Foiler - Pricing
Foiling made easy. Strips the backing liner of the foiled as it is unrolled. Glass is centred on the foil as it is applied. Accepts three sizes of foil, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm. Two sizes can be mounted at the same time.
2406 Copper Foil Dispenser - Pricing
Accommodates various sizes of copper foil and tools
2403 Kwik-Crimp - Pricing
Crimps and burnishes foil to three sides of glass in one pass. Quick and easy.
2409 Copper Foil Burnisher - Pricing
A simple tool to burnish and smooth foil to glass pieces so as to achieve a suitable base line prior to soldering.
Glastar Hand Foilers
2390 - 5mm Hand Foiler -
2391 - 5.5mm Hand Foiler - Pricing
2392 - 6mm Hand Foiler - Pricing


2804SB01 Safety Break System - Pricing
Simply centre the glass score line over the red button then position the push block over the glass and button and press down. Works best with transparent glass.
4753TP Grinder Thumb Pushers - Pricing
Protects thumbs and fingernails while grinding. Easy to use, soft and comfortable.
2800CC06 Cutter Caddy - Pricing
Holds your pen, glass cutter, pencil etc. as an extra feature on your Morton cutting surface.
2803LBO1 Layout Block System - Pricing
Layout Block System and Layout Add Ons require in-expensive soft board or fibre board panels (as used in suspended ceilings as the base for use.

2803LBO2 Layout Add on -
305mm -
Layout Block System contains; 10x152 L sections and 40 Push Pins.
Layout Add Ons contains; 4x76mm and 4x102mm L sections and 40 Push Pins.
Morton Cutting and Assembly Accessories - Pricing

2802SS02 Mini Surface Plus
2 pieces 286mm x 400mm.
The Mini Surface is the smart way to work with glass. Glass chips fall below the cutting surface leaving your work surface and surrounding area clean without having to sweep away small glass chips. If space is not a consideration the Maxi Surface is best for working with the Portable Glass Shop
2800PG1 Portable Glass Shop - Pricing
The Portable Glass Shop is a jig cutting accessory for both the Maxi and Mini surfaces.
Contains; Angle Gauges for triangles, octagons, mitered corners, Glass Stops for setting glass sizes, Squaring Fence and Bar Locks for strip cutting and setting angles. Many other features included.
2779 Morton Grinder Tongs - Pricing
With use of Grinder Tongs, wear and tear is saved on fingers and fingernails.
2800TC01 Teeny Circle Guide - Pricing
The Teeny Circle Guide is for circles 152mm or smaller. The design allows for jig setups other than circles.
2803MT01 Morton Twister - Pricing
The Twister can be used to create decorative borders or strips from lead came. It can also be used to twist copper or silver wires that will add additional features to your fused glass jewellery.


2059 Sickle Stone - Pricing
Abrasive stone for hand edging of glass 254x33x19mm
2200 Glaziers Hammer
by Leponitt -
3 Useable heads for use. One metal head for use on lead or nails. Two softer heads useable for glass.
23051 Two-In-One Shears - Pricing
Suitable for both foil or lead pattern compensation. Stainless steel blades.
2404 Plastic Lathekin - Pricing
Open and closes lead came, burnishes foil. Suitable for forcing putty into lead came and removing excess putty in the cleaning process.
2640 Glaziers Hackout Knife - Pricing
Used for removing old putty from timber window frames.
LV2 Leponitt Spring
Loaded Lead Vice -
Spring Loaded Lead Vice made of die cast aluminum. The spring keeps the arm down on the lead came so it will not pull free during stretching.
22295 32mm Glaziers
Putty Knife -
Used for running and finishing linseed oil putty beads.
NBH5/20 Horseshoe Nails -
economy packet of 20 -
Horseshoe nails are used to hold the lead came in place before the joints are soldered.

NBH5 Horseshoe Nails -
economy packet of 250 -
Horseshoe nails are used to hold the lead came in place before the joints are soldered.
NBH5 Horseshoe Nails -
box of 250 -
Horseshoe nails are used to hold the lead came in place before the joints are soldered.
750 Glazier's
Push Points -
Suitable for retaining light weight glass sizes in timber frames prior to putty application.