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GUL Glaziers Gauntlets - Pricing
Velcrose fastened leather wrist protection.

LA1 Glaziers Leather Half Apron -
Helps protect top of legs and knees from broken glass.

101 Safety Glasses - Pricing
Comfortable light weight Safety Glasses that can be worn with prescription glasses, perforated sides allow for ventilation.
RL465 - Pricing
465mm L cutting square
with mounting holes.

RL625 - 624mm L cutting square - Pricing

RL945 -
945mm L cutting square - Pricing

AR 1000mm Non-Slip Ruler - Pricing AR 600mm Non-Slip Ruler - Pricing AR300 300mm Non-Slip Ruler - Pricing  
2008 Toyo TC1P
Pencil Oil Cutter -
Contour grip handle, self oiling pencil cutter with tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
2003 Diamantor Wooden Handle Glass Cutter - Pricing
Economy contour grip pencil oil cutter, tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
.2016 Toyo TC600P
Pistol Oil Cutter -
Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel with cutting oil reservoir. Good comfort grip
2013N Neon Thomas Grip Oil Cutter - Pricing
Comfort grip recommended for pattern cutting. End tapper is not contained in this tool.
2017 Toyo Comfort Grip Oil Cutter - Pricing
Comfort saddle grip oil cutter with tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
2057 Leponitt Mosaic Glass Cutter - Pricing
Economy professional cutter for mosaic glass. Tungsten carbide cutting wheels all steel construction with spring return to full opening. Non slip hand grips.