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Transparent Plastic Suction Caps with metal drop hook. Suitable for hanging suncatchers and other items.

7315 - 20mm - Pricing
Single Suction Cap
7315/50 Suction Cap Bag of 50
7318 - 38mm - Pricing
Single Suction Cap

7318/50 Suction Cap Bag of 50
14855 - Pricing
Clear Adhesive Bumpers Pack of 12
9154 - Handy Hangers - Pricing
1.58mm thick brass hangers
28.5mm x 9.5mm. For use on came framed panels. Hangers are designed to be soldered inside U channel frames. Package of 25.

Designed to assist the installation of panels in front of single or double glazed windows. Will not affect the integrity of existing glass.

95121 - Mini Clip - Pricing
Pack of 25 with screws
915137 - Pricing
Adjustable up to 13mm
Pack of 25 with screws
915138 - Cabinet Clip - Pricing
Pack of 25 with screws
91550 -
Panel Mounting Hardware System -
For use in hanging panels or frames on a wall. Will hold thickness from 10mm to 13mm. Wall anchors required for installation (not supplied).
Panel is secured with adjustable set screw. System will add 11mm seperation from wall. Optional extender fittings will add an extra 13mm from the wall.
91551 - Stackable Extender Unit - Pricing