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NB: Colours Images below are a rough indication only !  Code ending in " A " is a striking colour.


Transparent Yellow - Pricing

Champagne Gold Topaz Brilliant Yellow Brilliant Gold Iris Yellow Delicate Old Gold Old Gold Amber Yellow Medium Amber

Transparent Red - Pricing

Gold Ruby Dark Pink Extra Dense Sunset Gold Ruby Extra Aurora Reddish Sunrise Aurora Yellowish Copper Ruby Copper Ruby Light
Orange Cherry Red New Red Garnet Fuchsia Brilliant Ruby Extra Dense Wine Red    

Transparent Violet- Pricing

Violet Blue Heliotrope Dark Violet Reddish Dark Violet Blueish Aubergine Silver Amethyst Dark Heliotrope    
Transparent Green - Pricing
Caribbean Flash Lime Yellow Fjord Green Reseda Green Emerald Green Anna Green New Green Blue Green Tourmaline
Olive Bristol Green Dark Green Silver Dark Green Fir Green Moss Green Sargasso Green Ocean Green Olive Green
Adventurin Green Silver Green Brilliant Green            

Transparent Blue - Pricing

Amethyst Reddish Amethyst Blueish Hyacinth Blue Aqua Light Dark Blue Iron Blue Steel Blue Silver Dark Blue Medium Blue
Capri Blue Aquamarine Blue Ocean Blue Turquoise Blue Sky-blue Silver Blue Sari Blue Light Blue  

Transparent Black Grey - Pricing

Black Black Special Smokey Grey Smokey Blue          

Transparent Crystal

Lead Crystal Silver Crystal Crystal lead-free            

Transparent Brown - Pricing

Smokey Topaz Brown Brown Olive Gold Brown Dark Amber        

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