Hartley Williams
Email: info@hartleywilliams.com.au
Hartley Williams, 32 Kremzow Rd, Brendale 4500, Brisbane, Australia - Phone:   07 3881 1978
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NB: The colour pictures should only be used as an indication.  Code ending in " A " is a striking colour.

Brilliant Yellow Delicate Old Gold Old Gold Copper Ruby Dark

Orange Cherry Red New Red Garnet Aqua Light
Amethyst Bluish
Dark Blue Steel Blue Turquoise Blue Black

Smoky Blue Lime Yellow Emerald Green Moss Green
Brilliant Green

Crystal Crown Yellow Canary Yellow Mandarin Opal Orange Yellowish Opal Red Yellowish Corel Red Opal Orange Redish
Chili Red

Red Roses Poppy-red Imperial Red Lava Red Antique Red Opal White Alabaster Opal Brown
Carmine Brown
Silver Petrol Silver Brown Iris Savanne          

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