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9175 - Pricing
Lost Planet Kaleidoscope Kit Uses a tapered mirror system to create the optical illusion of a three-dimensional sphere suspended against a black background. The finished scope measures 216mm long x 57mm square at the base.
9163 - Mini-scope Kit - Pricing
Traditional stained glass wheel kaleidoscope in a compact size. Contains 3 pre-cut pieces of front surface mirror, solid brass axle with a threaded end, screw on brass ball, 2 wheel mounting eyelets, 2 eyelets for legs, felt cushion pads, 12 patterns for colour wheels and instructions. Approximately 228mm long.
916400 - Kaleidocopter Kit - Pricing
An angled mirror reflects the image from the rotors through the optical system. Kit contains 3 rectangular pieces of front surface mirror, a trapezoidal mirror, 4 brass rods for the skids, brass axle with a ball nut, mounting eyelets, brass plate, bracing wire and neoprene pads. Includes pattern and instructions. Finished kaleidocopter measures 267 x 89mm
91411 - Aeroscope Kit - Pricing
Classic airplane look. Full sized patterns and instructions for both Biplane and Monoplane designs. Includes front surface mirror, brass axle, brass ball, mounting eyelets, brass strip, wooden wheels and solid brass rods for struts and braces. Finished piece is 229mm long and 229mm across the wings.
9167AP - Axle Pack - Pricing
Includes solid brass axle 3mm x 76mm with threaded end, polished brass ball nut and 4 wheel mounting eyelets. Used to mount stained glass wheels onto a Kaleidoscope.
91392 - Classic Kaleidogems - Pricing
Quality faceted jewels in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Can be foiled and soldered onto image rings or other decorative projects.