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15291211 Footing Tool - Pricing
A clapper style tool with type 304 stainless steel handle and cherry wood blades. Blades measure 108 x 134mm. Large enough to hold a 102mm glass foot. Suitable for total water immersion.
15291185 Jack Flat Blade - Pricing
All type 304 stainless steel 274mm long blade. Flat blade is 19 x 3mm, overall length 450mm. Maintains consistent spring tension with maximum adjustability.
15294155 Jack Round Blade - Pricing
All type 304 stainless steel. Round blade 120mm long, overall length 375mm. Grip maintains constant spring tension. Manipulates with ease.
1529520R Parchoffi Tongs - Pricing
Type 304 stainless steel spring grip handle with 268 x 30mm diameter cherry wood rods. Entire tool may be immersed in water without a rust problem.
1529973 Rotating Steam Stick - Pricing
80mm diameter x 152mm long, fine grained clear redwood cone tapers to a point. Redwood absorbs more water and therefore produces more steam than the less porous cherry wood. Aluminium hardware and plastic handle are impervious to corrosion. A useful tool for opening out a ball. Overall length 305mm
1530153 Putsch Combination Shears - Pricing
Grips and shears with ease. 100mm jaw, 240mm long. Hardened steel with comfortable grip handles.
15291355D Palmer Blow Pipe - Pricing
Made of type 103 stainless steel with 9.5mm opening. 1372mm long with 17.5mm shaft and 25mm head. Delrin mouthpiece and rubber grip handle. Weighs 1.47kg.
15291454 Palmer Punty - Pricing
Made of type 304 stainless steel, hollow shaft with vent hole and solid end. 1372mm long and 17.5mm diameter. Rubber grip. Weighs 1.42kg
1526172A - Jack Flat Blade - 400mm  - Pricing
Flat blades, blunt ends.
1526180 - 305mm Tongs - Pricing
Blunt type, equal width blades.
1526184 - 305mm Tongs - Pricing
Shoulder Type Curved Points
15271 - Miniature Blow Pipe - 457 x 6mm - Pricing
Flares to 13mm diameter for gather. Head made of stainless steel, shaft of stainless steel tubing and mouthpiece of Delrin acetal plastic.
15272 - Miniature Punty Rod -457 x 6mm - Pricing
Made of stainless steel.
15273 - Gathering Rod - Pricing
610 x 8 x 25mm ball end
Useful tool for 'gathering' molten glass from a crucible or removing glass from the crucible at the end of a melt.

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