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9141 Clock Movement - Pricing
Precision Clock Movement that will run for a year on a single AA battery. Includes hour, minute and second hands.


9145 Clockworks Kit Contains cat. 9141 Clock Movement and 3 patterns for clocks.

Clock Face - Pricing
with set of 3 black clock hands. Brass finish over aluminium
Complete with instruction sheets. Available in two sizes.

9144 - 178mm
91445 - 127mm
9146 Pendulum Movement - Pricing
Precision quartz Pendulum Movement with 305mm rod and bob, brass hour, minute and second hands.
Included assembly instructions.
9147 Pedestal Clock Kit - Pricing
A unique free standing stained glass clock.
The kit includes 9 full sized patterns, a solid timber pedestal,
a 127mm diameter brass finish clock face, precision clock movement with hands and assembly instructions.
9145 Pendulum Clock Kit - Pricing
Kit comes with 6 patterns for frames, precision pendulum movement with assembly hardware, 305mm rod and bob, hands and assembly instructions. (wooden frame is not included).