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8080 - Complete Canopy Set Pricing
Heavy duty canopy kit with everything required for ceiling lamp hanging.

Use and fitting of components should be by a licensed electrician. Components conform to Australian Standards. If fitted to lamp base assemblies, current Australian law requires approval of the lamp base assembly by a relevant authority prior to use (AS3128.1998 Amdts 1 & 2).

ELEC-1GD - Pricing
Gold Inline cord set 3 core
ELEC-2 - Pricing
Black Inline cord set 2 core
ELEC-1BK - Pricing
Black Inline cord set 3 core
ELEC-3 - Pricing
10mm black lamp holder bayonet fitting
ELEC-4 - Pricing
White cord anchor
ELEC-51 - Pricing
Black cord anchor. Suits 3 core Inline cord set

ELEC-52 - Pricing
Black cord anchor. Suits 2 core Inline cord set
ELEC-6 - Pricing
Insulated lamp holder sleeve for use
with candle lamp holder (elec-8)
ELEC-7 - Pricing
Insulated nipple sleeve insert fits
10mm lamp nipple fittings
ELEC-8 - Pricing
10mm candle lamp holder screw type fitting
ELEC-9 - Pricing
Black foot switch Inline cord set 3 core,
suits floor base lamp assemblies
1003 - Pricing
10mm brass lamp holder with earth screw
FLEX-1 - Pricing
3 core lighting power cable. Sold by the metre
LN1 - Pricing
10mm hexagon lock nut suits
10mm lamp nipple fittings

LN1/10 -
10mm hexagon lock nut.
Package quantity of 10

10mm Lamp Nipple Fittings - Pricing
N20 - 20mm nipple
- 30mm nipple
N50 - 50mm nipple
- 60mm nipple
N80 - 80mm nipple
N100 - 100mm nipple
N150 - 150mm nipple

CU1 - Pricing
10mm Brass Coupling suitable for joining
10mm threaded nipples and fittings
6600 - Pricing
Steel Crossbar with 10mm hole
and earth screw fitting hole