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156905 Star Masher - Pricing
Used to make a star murrini.  Form a 19mm gather of glass, approximately 51mm long.  Punty an end.  Heat at pinch point and pinch along the cylinder side to form a star leg.  Repeat as needed, then pull to desired diameter.
153904 Beadmakers Rake - Pricing
Raking (combining) is the process of drawing a metal rod across the surface of softened glass.  The rake is a 3mm stainless steel rod bent to 90
at the end. It has been sharpened to a point and slightly blunted to make a furrow in the molten glass.  The rod is secured to a wooden handle.
156401 Hot Glass Shears - Pricing
152mm overall length with 51mm blades. This vintage design is ideal for trimming the ends of hot glass rods or for using in other soft hot glass applications. 
1564 Rod Lopper - Pricing
203mm long. Hand held tool for cutting glass rods. Minimum pressure on the hand grips leaves a clean edge on sliced rods. Adjustable guide centers the rod between cutter heads. Long wearing cutter heads may be rotated for longer life. Cutter jaws open to 16mm wide. Optimum cutting can be one on rods up to 9mm thick.
1566 Brass Flaring Tool - Pricing
All purpose tapered shaping tool that is mounted on an insulated wooden handle. Shaping area is 25mm wide and 1.6mm thick.
1579 Parallel Closing Glass Flattener - Pricing
241mm overall length, 51mm square x 1.6mm thick stainless steel pads mounted on a spring loaded steel frame. Designed for parallel closing which maintains uniform thickness. Insulated with wooden handles.
1590 Air-dry Bead Release 226gms - Pricing
Release agent that is ideal for pre-coating and air drying steel mandrels for bead making. Easy to coat and ready to use as needed.
1591 Flame-dri Bead Release 839gms - Pricing
A release and lubricating agent for steel mandrels used to bead making. Flame-dri release eliminates the need for pre coating and air drying mandrils. Just dip the mandril in the prepared Flame-dri release and into the flame for immediate use. Cuts preparation time, wide mouthed jar for dipping ease.
1596 Mille Marver - pricing
A torch mounted marver for shaping glass. Acts as a shelf to avoid thermal shock when preheating millefiori, chips and rods. 90
angle at the back of the marver plate makes corners and edges on ribbon cane. Mounting clamps provide easy installation when adapting the Mille Marver to the Hot Head Torch, and the minor bench burner.
1597 Bead Making Grooved Marver Plate - Pricing
48 x 102 x 16mm
A combination Marver and pattern impresser. One side has a smooth finish and the other has 12 vertical parallel fins with rounded tops. Rolling the hot gather over the fins produces a linear pattern, a grid pattern or a diamond (pineapple) pattern. Made of solid aluminium a versatile tool for the beadmaker.
4970 Didymium Safety Glasses - Pricing
Polycarbonate Phillips ACE 202 Amethyst Contrast Enhancer Glass didymium lenses filter some infrared and UV light. Advanced didymium optics now absorb more yellow sodium flare. Multi fit, bridge and universal fitting with nickel silver temples, plastic frames and metal reinforced arms.
15613 The Hot Head Beadmaking Torch - Pricing
Developed and designed exclusively for beadmaking. This torch head gives more oxygen to the head for truer, clearer and more vibrant colours. Inexpensive, needs no elaborate fuel and oxygen tanks and is easy to set up. The ideal way to get started making glass beads.
49701 Gold Coated Didymium II Safety Glasses - Pricing
Dual purpose safety glasses for the hot glass worker. Lens surfaces are 24k gold coated to reflect against radiant energy such as that emitted from an open furnace or Glory Hole. Didymium lenses are made of scratch resistant polycarbonate. The lenses have a dark blue colour under the gold surface that passes less light than cat. 4970 (for small furnace or Glory Hole exposure).
49706 Clip on Frame Phillips 202 Didymium Glasses - Pricing
The same "Ace" (Amethyst Contrast Enhancer) optics as used cat. 4970. Clip on metal frames are light weight with a gold finish. Clips over most prescription glasses. 48mm lenses.
49708 Bench Mount Didymium Glass - Pricing
The "Ace" (Amethyst Contrast Enhancer) Didymium Glass is mounted on an adjustable stand which is places between the flame and the viewer. The 102mm glass frame may be adjusted vertically while the swivel tilts vertically or horizontally.
1602 Minor Bench Burner - Pricing
Bench Burner is specially designed with a surface mix stainless steel front end and precision needle valves. Uses either natural or propane gas with easily adjustable control valves. Variable flame size with no tips to change and a narrow head for easy manipulation. Smooth action tilt, heavy base and easy take apart construction. Torch is easily removed from the stand for use by hand or as a lathe burner. Works tubes or rods up to 45mm in diameter. Recommended operation pressures .25 to 5 PSI gas, 5-15 PSI oxygen.
15782 Bead Hole Cleaner - Pricing
Handy tool for cleaning dries bead release residue from bead core. Steel barbed shaft 1.6mm in diameter x 51mm long. Wooden handle.